Our Family Farm

Led by GreenTop founder Chris Padulo, we share a commitment to family farm values, environmental sustainability, healthy living off the land, and the longstanding Vermont tradition of farmer helping farmer.

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Chris Padulo, Founder

Chris is the founder and principal farmer of GreenTop Farm. With deep roots in the Green Mountain State, Chris began his farming career here 25 years ago after completing degrees in Farm Management at Vermont Technical College. Together with his wife, Shelby, Chris is dedicated to tending and protecting the land on which they live and work…for their children and for future generations. Chris is also a Black Belt practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and operator of a local martial arts studio in nearby Morristown, Vermont.

Shelby Padulo, Farm Manager

Shelby Padulo is a native Vermonter and a self-proclaimed “small-town girl.” She majored in agricultural studies at Vermont Technical College where she met her husband Chris. Today, Shelby manages the day-to-day operation of their 105-acre family farm and is involved in all aspects of GreenTop Vermont Grown Hemp. Together with her two children, whom she plans to homeschool this year, Shelby also tends to the farm’s extensive organic gardens, which help feed the neighborhood. In her spare time, Shelby is known to feed the entire GreenTop team of 20, her 15 chickens, five pigs, three cats, and a dog.
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Robert Fleisher, Chief Financial Officer

Robert is a graduate of the Columbia Business School, where he earned an MBA in Finance. He has been working in the finance industry for more than 25 years as an executive at both large public banks and specialized investment boutiques. Robert has served in a senior underwriting capacity at multiple institutions. He has focused on non-traditional investment opportunities and coordinated investor relations with capital providers from multiple sectors.

Gregg Lerman, Business Development Officer

Gregg has spent more than two decades in business and finance. As a previous owner and operator of his own Investment Firm, he has extensive experience in scaling start-up companies. Gregg sits on the board of New Leaf Data Services, a leader in wholesale benchmark pricing for hemp and cannabis products worldwide. Gregg additionally holds an extensive portfolio of investments throughout the hemp and cannabis space.

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There's no hemp like Vermont grown hemp

For generations, Vermont family farms have held bragging rights to the country’s best dairy cattle. Now, some of these farmers have turned to hemp farming, growing abundant hemp crops in the same “sweet soil” they have farmed for years.

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Hemp Flower Growin Above the Rest

Not only does GreenTop benefit from Vermont’s fertile soil, pure air, and pristine waters, we are blessed with the ideal climate for growing the finest hemp in the U.S.

At GreenTop we’re passionate about harvesting our hemp using traditional organic farming practices and state-of-the-art technology….while preserving the land for generations of Vermonters to come.